Alcohol Awareness Street Art

Inspired by the street art of Banksy, this ad campaign was designed to coincide with National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week (NCAAW) to educate the student population not only of the immediate consequences of binge drinking, but also how it can keep you from achieving your life goals. The designs feature several vomiting students who have no regard for the ill effects of binge drinking as well as an image of the founder of SUNY Oswego, Edward Austin Sheldon, posing like John Cusack in the 1980′s film Say Anything with the message “Beer Money Can’t Buy Awesome” inscribed beneath him. The designs were created in Adobe Illustrator and scaled up and cut out of chip board by a laser cutter. The designs were then spray painted onto thin sheets of plastic to circumvent vandalization rules on campus. Residue-free spray adhesive was used to adhere the sheets of plastic in high traffic areas on campus. The street art proved to be so popular RA’s asked for t shirts featuring the characters and the posters were stolen from their locations within a few days.

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